On Monday, January 24th, around 7:30 pm, an aggression towards the Atelier 34zéro as well as towards contemporary art was committed. An unknown person took advantage of the night to damage and set fire to one of our vehicles. This is a gratuitous act of vandalism against Atelier 34zéro but also against the commune and its inhabitants.
We already accused, in October 2021, a similar degradation on one of our cultural covers. It is truly deplorable to see such a lack of cultural democracy in our society but also a lack of respect for the work of others in the contemporary arts.
These repeated attacks will not stop us however! The message of contemporary art will be even stronger 💪



The Atelier 34zéro is pleased to announce the return of its world cooking tasting sessions. We invite you to join us on January 22nd from 12:00 pm.
This first edition of 2022 will be dedicated to Polish sauerkraut, known as "bigos". Polish sauerkraut can’t be opposed to its Alsatian cousin. In our case, it attests to our interculturality and the interest we have in cabbage!
Two services will be offered : a first one at noon (12:00-3:00) and a second one in the evening (7:00-10:00), at the unique price of 22 € (drinks not included)
The dishes can be accompanied by Belgian catholic beers and Polish juices, beers and vodkas for an extra charge.

Reservations required via :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0032. (0)2. 428. 33. 06

We look forward to see you there!



The Atelier 34 zéro Muzeum, in collaboration with ENSAV La Cambre, is pleased to present the exhibition Là où les renards viennent crever !

This exhibition will consist of the presentation of the bachelor exams of the Sculpture workshop of ENSAV La Cambre. Come and see the installations of tomorrow's sculptors scattered throughout the museum.

Opening on January 21, 2022 at 6:00 pm

21/01/2022 - 30/01/2022




On Saturday 02 October at 7pm, the Atelier34zero Muzeum offers you an exceptional concert of three lyrical artists interpreting Russian, Polish and French songs. During 2 hours, Vadim Piankov, Janusz Małolepszy and the group Karandash (Ilya Stepanow, Yashko Golembiovsky, Iliyoucha Stepanow) will transport you through the Eurasian steppe and their native lands by interpreting a poetic Russian-Polish but also French repertoire with notably covers of Barbara, Jacques Brel or even Georges Brassens by Piankov

Practical information:
The concert starts at 7pm, so we ask you to come a little early to allow everyone to settle in comfortably. The event lasts two hours and ends at 21:30; there is a 30-minute intermission at 20:00. The entrance fee is 20 euros.