A few steps from Jette train station in northwest Brussels, you'll discover a timeless place where artistic experimentation, intellectual expression, and socio-cultural engagement lie at the heart of our mission. Dive into an artistic adventure that will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2024 by exploring Atelier 34zéro Muzeum. Help us preserve this cultural heritage by supporting our campaign; let's not let our history fade away!



A History of Commitment

Our nonprofit organization is both a publishing house, a contemporary art space, and a cultural beacon. It has been a hub for artistic research and creation dedicated to sculpture and three-dimensional art in Belgium, exploring the multiple facets of these disciplines. It has served as a sanctuary for creativity while contributing to local history. It has become the convergence point of contemporary art, culture, and the community, sparking lively debates, encouraging sharing, and inspiring laughter.



When Art Shapes Difference

We are well aware that our artistic direction can sometimes be perplexing, but it is an integral part of our DNA. Through our exhibitions, cultural events, educational projects, and national and international collaborations, we celebrate artistic diversity and promote unique creative voices that may sometimes be on the margins of traditional and institutional art scenes, providing a space where Belgian contemporary art can flourish unrestrictedly. We seek not only to exhibit artworks but to engage in dialogues, evoke emotions, provoke reflection, and encourage the exploration of creative boundaries.



Art is the Substance. Together for a Cultural Future.

Our fundraising campaign was born out of the imperative to preserve a heritage that is at risk of disappearing. Every donation we receive is an act of faith in our work. After many years of commitment, Atelier 34zéro Muzeum faces insurmountable financial challenges. We are launching this campaign to save this place where modern art forms and three-dimensional expressions have found a home.


Unveil an Exciting Challenge Awaiting Us

Our goal is clear: to continue offering a playful and engaging cultural program that stimulates debate and reflection. We aim to address the lack of material resources and finance a major exhibition bringing together 12 artists from all over Belgium around the sobriety and abstraction of stone sculpture. The purpose? To confront artistic research and creation, explore new facets of three-dimensional art, and offer a captivating experience to art enthusiasts and our community! Your support is essential to maintain our dynamic cultural program while waiting for programming and structural subsidies. The funds we seek will enable us to continue our activities, preserve our facilities, and maintain the quality of our artistic events. They will help us continue to support artists, offer exhibition opportunities, and engage our community in stimulating artistic reflection.



Thank You for Following Us: Join the Atelier 34zéro Muzeum Adventure!

Come visit Atelier 34zéro Muzeum, discover its exhibitions, and immerse yourself in its cultural journey. Your support is vital to keep this artistic oasis alive.

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