jean_manuel simoes


30/3 - 25/5 2014

Vernissage 29/3 - 11h

Collaborating with the publishing house Michel Husson (Brussels, BE), the Atelier 340 Muzeum presents an exhibition of sociological photography : a selection of works by two photographers. Both have in common that through their work they were in contact with people that usually are difficult to meet or get to know.


During multiple years, Jean-Manuel Simoes (FR) has wandered the suburbs of Paris, neighborhoods that are said to be sensitive and regularly make the headlines of the newspapers. With Chiens de la casse, he gives us an insight, leaving out all artificial dimension, of the gangs that he met here.

Accompanied by his friend and translator Andreea, Sébastien Cuvelier (LU) has, on multiple occasions crossed the Romanian roads. A journey of more than 6000 kilometers lead him to the four corners of the country: Ciurea in the north-east, Ivesti and Liesti at the east, Strehaia in the west, Buzescu in the south. The world that he discovered here was one of prosperous Roma communities who proudly parade their social success.