approches aux constellations

12/10/2012 - 17/02/2013

Since always, the artists, looking up at the sky, have tried to picture the universe. Far beyond a single aesthetic inspiration regarding celestial constructions, it is a deep reflection about human presence in the world they have carried out.

 The artists confronted to the infinity of the universe have been made the cathartic guides in the harrowing consciousness of human finiteness by the act of creation. From the romantic contemplation of an unfathomable nature in the 18th Century, passing by the tortuous «Starry night» of Van Gogh, to the latest Kandinsky or Miro composition, the cosmos often has been a pretext to explore new aesthetical issues. Throughout history, the idea of constellation has been taken numerous meanings; tool of thought, not only limited at the cosmos, but also expressing the contingency of experience through various potential relations, as the one between bodies, materials, shapes, objects,...

For its new thematic exhibition «The Vicinity of Constellations», the Atelier 340 Muzeum proposes to discover the work of fifteen international artists who have reflected on possible relations between arts and the concept of constellation. The artists of «Approche aux Constellations»», all coming from different practice, have demonstrated the richness of intellectual and plastic emulation prompted by this theme.


Laurette ATRUX-TALLAU - Marco BAGNOLI - Marcus BERING - Christian BURDA -Sergey DE ROCAMBOLE - Laurence DERVAUX - Lionel ESTEVE - Sylvain LE GUEN - Charles LOPEZ - Pierre RADISIC - David ROUX-FOUILLET - Julien SALAUD - Vladimir SKODA - Emmanuelle VILLARD - Yves ZURSTRASSEN


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