AVANT-GOUT : the contest 'Pee in Art' exposed







14/2 - 31/5  2015


Postvernissage 6/6/2015 - 7pm

Thierry ALCY/ François AMZINA/ Manuel Jesús AZOGUE BOYANO/ Lilian BREYNE/ Sylvain CARLIER/ Marie-Claude CLOUTIER/ Deborah DE SCHUTTER/ Dominique DE WIT/ Han DECORTE/ Lisette DELOOZ/ Justine DEMAS/ Marc DURANT/ Emelyne DUVAL/ Miku ENOMOTO/ Raphael FLOCHE/ Pascal JENARD/ Julien JOLIE/ Kitty KAMP/ Antoan KURTI/ Naomi L'ABBATE/ Olivier LABALUE/ Jean-Loup LECLERCQ/ William LEVAUX/ Amandine LEVY/ Virginie LHERBETTE/ Anne-Dolorès MARCELIS/ Ramón David MORALES/ Anja Louise OEYEN/ Klaus PINTER/ Nathalie PIROTTE/ Stefaan PROVIJN/ Meghann SERONT/ Alain SNYERS/ Florent SORIS/ Clothilde SOURDEVAL/ Guy SUSPLUGAS/ Carine VAN ERPS/ Ada Van HOOREBEKE/ Nathalie VANHECKE/ Gaëtan VANPARYS/ Remi VERBRUGGHE/ Philippe VERHEYE/ Adrien VERSAEN/ Sara VILARDO/ Sylvie WAROQUIER

 In the context of its international exhibition « Pee in art » held in September 2015, Atelier 34zero Muzeum has launched a national contest on the same subject in order to stimulate and promote Belgian artists. After an international jury deliberated and announced the winners, we decided to honor all the participants of the contest by organizing the exhibition “A Taste of Things to come, the contest 'Pee in Art' exposed”.

The participants of the contest are distinguishable by their singular and creative artistic approaches. “A Taste of Things to come” celebrates this diversity of the national creation, this curiosity to explore and to claim ownership of this theme that is relevant throughout art history.