JULY 2021 > OCTOBER 2021


Initiated years ago, the social art project carried out through cultural and artistic banners continues to be explored by the Atelier34zero Muzeum. The structure presents eight new banners of works by Belgian, Polish, British and German artists.

The collection of banners exhibited by the Atelier34zero Muzeum may be perceived as "shocking" at first glance, but it aims to open a dialogue with others about important societal issues. The project serves a simple sociological purpose: to go beyond appearance and first impressions to develop an exchange stimulated by art.

These works, located in our cultural garden, can be seen by everyone and are also illuminated until midnight.

Through this project, we intend to bring art outside the walls to allow those who cannot go to art venues to still be able to enjoy works, and this without paying a single euro.

With : Pascal Bernier (BE), Michael Dans (BE), Łódź Kaliska (PL), Leszek Knaflewski (PL), Sarah Maple (UK) and Yvonne Salzmann (DE).

Free access without reservation through the garden at number 62 rue Eugène Toussaint during the opening hours of the cultural café-restaurant.